Organic Fertilizer Machine

Introduction of organic fertilizer pellet making machine

A drum organic fertilizer pellet making machine is a molding machine that can make materials into specific shapes. Rotary drum fertilizer prilling machine is one of the key equipments in the compound fertilizer industry, suitable for hot and cold granulation and large-scale production of high, medium and low concentration compound fertilizers.

The main working method is wet granulation of agglomerates. Through a certain amount of water or steam, the basic fertilizer is fully chemically reacted in the cylinder after humidity adjustment. Produce extrusion force to agglomerate into balls.

The staff of Richi Machinery has accumulated many years of experience in the production of compound fertilizers, and the rotary drum organic fertilizer pellet making machine developed by our company has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple operation, low energy consumption, long life and convenient maintenance.

1. Organic fertilizer pellet making machine features:

  • Less investment, quick effect, good economic benefit and reliable performance;
  • Low power, no three wastes discharge, stable operation, convenient maintenance, reasonable process layout, advanced technology and low production cost;
  • High ball strength, good appearance quality, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low energy consumption;
  • The rate of ball formation reaches 70%, there is a small amount of returned material, the particle size of the returned material is small, and it can be re-granulated;
  • The cylinder body of the fertilizer pellet making machine adopts special rubber plate lining or acid-resistant stainless steel lining plate, which realizes automatic scar removal and tumor removal, and cancels the traditional scraper device.

2. Organic fertilizer pellet making machine structure overview:

The whole fertilizer pelletizer machine can be divided into four parts:

(1)Bracket part: The entire rotating part of the body is supported by the bracket, and the force is large. Therefore, the bracket part of the machine is welded with medium carbon steel plate and channel steel, and has passed strict quality control and special special equipment.

The organic fertilizer pellet making machine process requirements have reached the purpose of this machine. In addition to this, the more important thing is the supporting roller fixed on the shelf. Considering that it will have greater friction with the rolling joints of the body, RICHI organic fertilizer pellet making machine factory specially selects good anti-corrosion and wear-resistant materials, which greatly improves the service life of the organic fertilizer pellet mill.

 The wheel frame also adopts casting integrated technology, and there are hooks at the four corners of the supporting wheel frame, which is convenient for loading, unloading and transportation.

(2) Transmission part: The transmission part of the whole organic fertilizer pellet making machine is the most important part of the whole machine. The main motor and reducer on the frame are ISO qualified products with reliable quality. The motor drives the pulley, the V-belt and the reducer to drive the main shaft to make the body work.

(3) Large gear: fixed on the body, meshing with the transmission pinion, and driving the body to work in the opposite direction. It adopts high-tech wear-resistant materials, so that the organic fertilizer pellet making machine has a longer service life

(4)Body part: The most important part of the whole fertilizer maker machine is the body part, which is welded with good medium carbon steel plate, and has a special rubber lining plate or acid-resistant stainless steel lining plate built-in to realize automatic scar removal, tumor removal, and cancellation.

 The traditional scraper device is adopted, and strict quality control and special process requirements are adopted to achieve the purpose of this organic fertilizer pellet making machine.

The new generation of MZLH420 bio-organic fertilizer pellet making machine adopts humanized structure and functional design, the equipment runs more smoothly, the maintenance is more convenient, and the operation and use are more worry-free. Animal manure, urban kitchen waste, crop waste, organic solid waste and other raw materials can be made into high-efficiency “organic, pollution-free” biological fertilizers, turning waste into treasure and promoting the circular development of organic agriculture.

3. The equipment of organic fertilizer production line includes:

(1) Granulation equipment:

Wet stirring tooth organic fertilizer pellet making machine, disc granulator, drum fertilizer pellet machine, three-throw circular organic fertilizer pellet mill, multi-function organic fertilizer pellet making machine.

(2) Crushing equipment:

Semi-wet material pulverizer, dripping pulverizer, high-humidity material pulverizer, chain pulverizer, hammer pulverizer, cage pulverizer, urea pulverizer, vertical hammer pulverizer.

(3) Turn over equipment:

Horizontal mixers, heavy duty pan mixers, twin shaft mixers, mandatory twin shaft mixers.

(4) Screening equipment:

Drum screening machine, vibrating screening machine. Used after the organic fertilizer pellet making machine granulation section.

(5) Conveying equipment:

Mobile belt conveyors, bucket elevators, stationary conveyors, large inclination angle conveyors, screw conveyors.

(6) Drying equipment:

Tumble dryer, three-pass dryer, pig manure dryer, chicken manure dryer, cow manure dryer, sheep manure dryer. 

(7) Supporting for organic fertilizer pellet making machine:

Melt shotcrete system, automatic batching system, rotary coating machine, rotary cooler, quantitative packaging scale, mobile turning and polishing machine.

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